CDL Truck Driver-Ocala, FL

CDL Truck Driver

Finyl Sales, Inc. – Ocala, FL

Indeed Hire is working with Finyl Sales, Inc. to hire a Flatbed Truck Driver!

Job Duties:

We are looking for a truck driver who has a license to drive heavy vehicles and enjoys long drives transporting goods throughout the State of Florida. The following are the duties of a truck driver.

1)Monitor loading and unloading of goods. 2) Pickup and deliver goods as required. 3) Check fuel and oil levels in trucks before loading goods. 4) Inspect trucks to ensure working conditions of brakes, lights, wipers, windshield, fire extinguisher, flares and other safety equipment in the truck. 5) Adjust mirrors on both sides of the truck to ensure clear visibility from the driver’s seat. 6) Overall maintenance of truck and regular servicing of vehicle. 7) Ensure that cargo is well secured. 8) Maintain record of goods and freight loaded and unloaded. 9) Report any equipment in the truck inoperable or missing. 10) Report improper loading of cargo. 11) Inspect freight and vehicle for compliance with regulations. 12) Maintain a log of their activities, condition of the vehicle and any cases of accidents. 13) At the end of journey handover records of deliveries, receipts, payments, mechanical problems, etc.

Knowledge and Skills:

1) Competent driving skills. 2) Should be able to read and speak English. 3) Knowledge of vehicle and all its parts. 4) Basic mechanical knowledge to handle minor repairs. 5) Skill to maneuver large vehicles on highways and traffic routes. 6) Knowledge and understanding of GPS. 7) Knowledge of state transport regulations. 8) Positive attitude with a strong work ethic and willing to work hours as needed.

Educational Qualification and Experience: 1) High school diploma 2) 21 years of age. 3) CDL 4) Flat bed experience

Job Location:

  • Ocala, FL

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

Required experience:

  • CDL Driving: 2 years
  • Flatbed Driving: 2 years

Required license or certification:

  • CDL
Please email Erica
With the following
Your Full name, Email, Phone number, and attached Resume,
Or call or text me at 757-303-8437

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